Adam Scott Rote

is an award -winning painter whose work throughout the last decade has been influenced by
architecture, fashion and classic cinema. Adam is a self- taught artist who studied early
iconic artists including pinup legends Vargas & McGinnis as well as master realist painter Charles Bell,
Hyper-realist painter Hajime Sorayama, who set the stage for the elegant and breath-taking style
of his paintings. By utilizing acrylic paint, gouache, airbrush and watercolor pencils in unison with a
brilliant emphasis on high contrast, Adam brings to life images of the past with an ultramodern feel.
His dynamic subjects and signature transparent technique have earned him a loyal following of collectors,
including Academy Award winners, actors, and singers. Adam’s paintings have also been featured in
books, magazines, movies, and television. In 2011 Adam Scott Rote will be teaming
with Iconic Hollywood Silver Screen Legends for exclusive co-signed limited edition prints
featuring his famous Drive-In Daze paintings.